updated 12:22 PM MST, Jan 11, 2018

Environmental Quality Standards

The Environmental Quality Regulations 1999 under the National Environment Management Act (NEMA) of 1994 are in final draft and is expected to be adopted by the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) in the very near future.

The regulations establishes an Environmental Quality Standards Board and sets out environmental quality standards for air and water , which will be applied to The Gambia. Further, the regulations set out environmental parameters (quality criteria) for air and water to be monitored, and measurement techniques to be used in monitoring these parameters.

The environmental quality standards are yardsticks against which the quality of The Gambian environment is measured against. This will give an indication as to whether the quality of the environment is in a good or poor state, and will help policy makers take informed decisions aimed at protecting our health and our environment, thus contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of all Gambians. It is however noted that these standards have been set bearing in mind that it is only when trends have been established after adequate data collection and analysis, that their suitability for the environmental and socio-economic conditions of The Gambia can be determined. In view of this, the present standards have been adopted as a first phase, and will be revised in light of monitoring results obtained.

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