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COAST Project-The Gambia

The National Environment Agency in collaboration with the Gambia Tourism Authority, on behalf of the Gambia Government, implemented a project on Collaborative Actions for Sustainable Tourism (COAST).

COAST Project

The COAST project was a collaborative effort across nine different Africa countries and draws upon the financial support and technical expertise of UNEP, UNIDO, UNWTO and Netherland development organization (SNV). Technical expertise needs to be delivered in a facilitators manner and not through "top down" directives. The aim of this collaboration is to support and build local ownership of the outcomes from the project where ever these occur at the implementation, policy and regulatory or strategic planning level. 

The Long Term Goal of the Project

To support and enhance the conservation of globally significant coastal and marine ecosystems and associated biodiversity in sub-Saharan Africa, through the reduction of the negative environmental impacts which they receive as a result of coastal tourism. 

Four Main Objectives:

  1. To capture (BAPS and BATs) for contaminant reduction & sustainable collaborative tourism investment.
  2. To develop and implement mechanisms for sustainable governance and management that measurably reduces degradation of coastal ecosystems from land-based tourism sources of pollution and contamination.
  3. To assess and deliver training and capacity support requirements emphasizing an integrated approach to sustainable reduction in coastal ecosystem and environmental degradation within the tourism sector.
  4. To develop and implement information capture, information processing and management mechanisms to promote information dissemination, learning and sharing.

Countries Involved in the Project

Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Seychelles.

Demo Sites

  1. Kartong
  2. Tumani Tenda Ecotourism
  3. Denton Bridge

Current and Past Activities

  1. A National Project Steering Committee was established.
  2. All 3 Demo Sites have Management Committees.
  3. A visit by the TNA consultant to meet relevant stakeholders and visit the Demo Sites.
  4. Governance and Management consultancy executed.
  5. BAPS and BATs consultancy executed.
  6. Community Visioning consultancy ongoing.
  7. HIV/AIDs and Gender awareness meeting held from the 1st -3rd June 2001 at Tumani Tenda WCR.
  8. Targeted awareness raising to encourage enforcement of natural resource sustainable use within tourism development areas (TDAs) and in protected areas executed.

Duration January 2009- November 2013

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